Gaia Reset

In song:

The coronavirus pandemic was born out of human exploitation of natural habitats. Our abusive relationship with other lifeforms and the ecosystems they rely on could ultimately be our downfall — we depend on these systems to survive.

But this pandemic has shown us that we are able to transform local and global systems overnight, and to innovate at an astonishing rate. Perhaps these rapid and profound responses demonstrate our capacity to mobilise on a massive scale in the face of unprecedented challenges, and show promise for the way we could respond to climate change moving forward.

Oil-polluted water and soil in Ogoni. The Niger Delta has suffered terribly from oil and gas extraction. It has been an unmitigated disaster, but we have the opportunity to imagine a post oil future in the oil capital of Nigeria.

A Borokiri boy practicing philosophy with pictures and music that challenge our prejudices. 'Imanny Cleverstone' to friends and followers.