‘Up NEPA!’ is the shout that separates the darkness from the light in communities across the city. NEPA was what everyone called the National Electric Power Authority, and still does even though it is now called Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). In Nigeria people talk about electricity like the English talk about the weather. It is a constant – or inconstant – curse. 

At Chicoco, we wanted to shine a light on our power situation. Our mappers went into people’s homes and businesses to get the facts. Our journalists went onto the streets to record people’s experiences. Our community planning team is getting together with expert partners to develop regenerative neighbourhood power systems. With the data, with the vision to design better energy solutions in our communities and with the platform to give voice to that vision, we want to bring power in ways that empower!

You can learn more about the detailed findings from our energy survey in our data story, Never Expect Power Always. And check out Reading in the Dark – it’s beautiful. 


As one of Chicoco’s lead journalists and drama producers, local stories are important to me. They take me on journeys, often accompanied by my 5-year-old co-presenter, Biomele.