Naadaa’s Story Pt .1

Martha Naadaa is a writer, a singer, a friend and a colleague. A few weeks ago, Martha packed up her room, with her mother and her child and left her home to the bulldozers.

What do you do a week after your home and your possessions are destroyed by a bulldozer? What do you do two weeks after? Three weeks?

For many, the struggle is only just beginning. This has been one of the hardest stories our crew has covered: the demolition of our own communities.

Follow Martha Naadaa’s story as she tells it with us. This is part one, but Martha’s story neither ends nor begins here. See some of her beautiful work here, here and here. Visit again soon to hear part two of Martha’s story.

You can support Martha and her Chicoco
colleagues and at our emergency shelter GoFundMe page.

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