Waka Pass Your Window

In our coronavirus lockdown series, Waka Pass My Window, with half the world indoors, we leant out of our windows to catch the views and voices of our streets. In this Photo-series, we walk past some of your windows. 

We were told to stay home to stay safe. How to stay home all day, when you live seven to a room? When the household eats the food it earns in a day that same day? When, in any case, there’s no fridge to store perishables? How to work from home, when work is what one carries on one’s back or makes or breaks with one’s hands?

Difficult to stay home in these circumstances, but impossible to stay home if you have no home. For those in the city who have lost their homes to forced evictions, staying at home is an impossible dream. 

Walking past your windows, we membered the struggle that launched our community media movement – Chicoco Radio, Chicoco Cinema, Chicoco Studios and Chicoco Maps: the struggle to say, Housing is a Human Right.

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