Planetary Wireless

On August 27, 1920, ‘The crazy people on the roof’ installed a Marconi transmitter assembled from equipment smuggled from France onto the terrace of the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires. This broadcast of Wagner’s opera ‘Parsifal’ performed inside the theatre marked the first radio broadcast in Argentina and the first mass public entertainment broadcast in the world. On the hundredth anniversary of this event, Chicoco Radio was invited by Radio EE to share Viral Times  as part of an online, translingual 24-hr radio broadcast about planetary wireless hosted by radio stations across the world. 

This is the kind of viral transmission we get excited about. Grass roots networks making global connections. Voices from neighbourhoods around the planet performing urban acrobatics on the side of the political spectrum that features solidarity, social experimentation and cultural exploration.

The livestream is over. It was awesome! That’s live radio: it fizzes into the atmosphere. But you can hear much of what we shared there right here on this site. Why not start at the beginning with Welcome to Viral Times?

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