Who and Where We Are

As a group of community advocates we have been busy for the past few years capturing data, news, narrative and audiovisual material to tell the story of our marginalised waterfront communities. But what we sometimes forget to tell you about is who we are and why we do the work we do. Although we work to make the stories, reports and images you see here as rigorously researched, well crafted and carefully produced as those you might see or hear on a major media platform, ours are a little different. Everything here is made by people who live here. People who live the stories you read. And we tell these stories not only to report journalistically, but also as part of a broader effort to change the story, to transform the city. In the process, we are changing ourselves and our neighbourhoods. So here are a few stats on the crew. Of course, these are only part of the picture. 

Tune in. Come visit. Volunteer! You’d be welcome. 

I’m using my Library Sciences studies to strengthen Chicoco’s IT dept. and leading stepdown trainings for older participants who are not as technologically savvy.